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Unlimited Ice Cream For 2 hours! 


















Selection of Classic Wafer Cones, Smooth Waffle Cones, Tubs, Spoons,

Sprinkles & Sauces

Napkins & Bike decorated in your chosen colour


Choose 4 flavours from the following:

Vanilla Bean: With the finest Madagascan Vanilla extracts complete with crushed vanilla pods.

Strawberries & Cream:  Simply pure strawberry juice rippled through original double cream Ice Cream.

Smooth Strawberry: Nothing artificial, coloured by nature, just oozing with pure strawberry juice.

Mint Choc Chip: Naturally green Peppermint with 70% cocoa dark chocolate chips.

Smooth Chocolate: Made from the finest cocoa powder which is rich and velvety in taste.

Orange & Choc Chip:  Orange ice cream with a twist of dark chocolate chips - a taste sensation.

Raspberry Ripple: Rippled with pure raspberry juice through creamy Ice Cream.

      Vanilla with Honeycomb:  Creamy vanilla with ripples of honeycomb. 

Pear Drops :  Using local pear drops and added to our delicious creamy Ice Cream.

Chunky Chocolate:  Smooth chocolate laden with chunks of milk chocolate. One For True Chocoholics 

Chocolate Orange:  A rich combination of smooth chocolate with the zest of refreshing orange oil..

White Chocolate:  A delicious mix of white chocolate and chunks of creamy white chocolate.

Cappuccino Chocolate Drop:  A rich Coffee flavour with chunks of milk chocolate.

Rum & Raisin: Made with plum, ripened raisins soaked in luxurious black rum. 

Treacle Toffee: Pure treacle with yummy chocolate covered crunchy cinder toffee pieces.

Banana & Toffee: Smooth banana puree combined with rich toffee sauce rippled through.

Cottage Cookie Crumble:  Full of freshly crushed Oreo Style cookies from Cottage Cookies In Trawden.

Ferrero Rocher: Whole and chopped hazelnuts with a ripple of chocolate.